The Force

Through our beliefs, our thinking, our Choices and our actions we create the world around us, we create the world in which we live. If we are not happy with the world in which we live then we have the power to change it; we can change it by focusing our attention and our energy on whatever it is we want to change, and it will change.

This is the power we are blessed with, this is the power we own, this is real power; the power to manifest, to create. This power calls upon us to have the belief and dedication to use it, it is the power of creation. It is The Force. If we believe we have the power, then we do, and we are the masters. If we do not believe we have the power, then we do not, and we tend to be the victim. Do you choose to be the master of your universe? As always, the Choice is yours.

This creative power is the power of the Jedi, it is The Force.

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