We see only one Reality; however there are actually an infinite number of other Realities which most of us do not see. We see this Reality because we choose to see it, if we choose an alternate Reality then that will become our Reality. We create our own Reality with the power of our minds through our conscious and unconscious thoughts. We exist in a Holographic Universe. This hologram is a projection of our minds, individually and collectively. This existence, this energy, this creation is in its absolute form multi-dimensional and transcends time and space. This holographic existence is a world where everything outside of us is quite simply a reflection of that within us. If we truly believe and understand this Holographic Universe then this knowledge gives us tremendous power. The power to create our Reality as we wish it. This holographic Reality is much like that portrayed in the Matrix movie series. It is a multi-dimensional matrix.

This universe, this energy, this creation cannot be destroyed but exists in a flux, a state of constant change. We have the ability to influence and manifest this energy in whatever form we truly desire. This energy of the universe is The Force, it is the power of God, the Wizard, the Magician and the Jedi.

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