Oneness is the Universal Connection between everything, all life, all matter, all creation. Our sense of Oneness is the degree to which we feel that connection. We exist in a state of Oneness. We are already interconnected with everything. It is only our perception, our state of mind, which would have us believe in our individuality and our separation. While we are all unique individuals we are also one, we are interconnected with everything.

Learning to be in the moment and developing a sense of Oneness allows us to bring peace to the over-active mind. Being is the space beyond the thinking mind. There we find peace, harmony, tranquility and Oneness, this sense of being comes as a consequence of expanded awareness. Our sense of Oneness is all about our awareness, our conscious awareness of everything around us. When finally we recognise that we just are, everything is as it is; only then do we set ourselves free, only then do we quit searching, only then do we learn to just be, to accept and experience the absolute wonder of Oneness.

In Oneness we discover the absolute perfection of our existence. Here we realise everything is already perfect and will always be so. The challenge of the Jedi is to see the perfection in every moment. We exist in divine Oneness, we are one, we are creation, we are the Universe, we are all that is, we are everything, we are energy, we are Light, we are God, we are The Force and we are Jedi.

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