Love is the essence of life itself, Love is the life force, Love is all that is.

Genuine Love is a disposition, a state of mind, a feeling; a feeling that we have for our self and for everything and everybody around us. The very heart of our being is Love. Our capacity for Love is unlimited, Love is forgiveness, Love is understanding, Love knows no boundaries, Love is a truly wonderful thing; it embodies the future of mankind and the wonder of a harmonious existence on earth.

Our self-love is at the very core of our Love. In the song by Madonna called “Secret” she refers to a secret contained in the line: “I had to learn to love myself before I was loving anybody else”. Our ability to Love is only a reflection of the Love that we have for our self. Loving our self is the best way to learn how to love. How we perceive and treat ourselves is exactly how others will perceive and treat us. How we treat ourselves is obvious to others. They will treat us as we treat ourselves; they mirror our self-respect, they mirror our self-love.

To Love is a choice. We have a choice to Love ourselves: our friends, our family, our partner, our surroundings and the world in which we live, we make that choice, no one else. Loving is delighting in the wondrous and unique people and visions that surround us every day. If you give genuine love, you will receive genuine love. Love washes through you and over you, Love is all around you. The more love you radiate the more love you will feel. Love flows! Love is not measurable, Love cannot be traded, Love is never taken or owed, it just is.

It may well be that our primary purpose in life is simply to explore and understand Love. As the Beatles song goes “All you need is love!”

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