Our mind is the key to our Happiness, it is our state of mind, our conscious and unconscious thought patterns that determine our Happiness. Happiness is not something that is external to us. Our Happiness is not determined by the circumstances of our lives or the people around us. Real Happiness is found within us.

The best way to experience genuine Happiness is to learn to live our lives in the present moment, here, in the eternal now, life is invariably good. If we practice this way of being and develop a now state of mind we are reinforcing our present well being. We find happiness by focusing our attention on the here and now, this is how we find Happiness. It is only when we allow our mind to be lost in the future or trapped in the past that we create unhappy scenarios.

We are here for a good time, not a long time. Only we have the power to create our own Happiness. If we are focused on being present now, and everything in our world is good now, then we are Happy now. It is through our awareness of our present well being that we are able to recognise Happiness. True Happiness is found in the perfection of everything as it is now, as we are now. This is where we find Happiness.

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