In life anything is truly possible. Change our attitude, our state of mind and we change our Destiny, we change our life!

What is our Destiny? Why are we here? Life has whatever purpose we choose to give it. If we choose to live our lives with meaning then our lives have meaning, if we choose to live our lives without meaning, then our lives have little meaning. It is us who give our lives purpose, we determine our Destiny through our Choices. Every one of us has a different path, a different Destiny. We choose the path and we are responsible for everything we do, or do not do, with our lives. As individuals we can take responsibility for our actions, our Choices, our lives and determine our Destiny. The ultimate challenge of life is to see whether we can recognise and fulfill our Destiny.

Our Destiny is ours to determine, life is to be lived, experienced and enjoyed. We can give it meaning through our achievements, our creations, our care and our love, whatever, ultimately, the Choice is ours.

What is your Destiny?

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