The right to choose our life and its path has never been denied us, the Choice is always ours. We choose our Destiny and our Destiny will be fulfilled.

We are the only people who are responsible for the Choices we make in our life, although it often does not seem this way. When we deny our Choices it gives us the opportunity to blame other people or circumstances, it allows us to avoid taking responsibility for the path of our life, to avoid being accountable to our self.

The truth is we are always in control of our life path, it is ours, we may do with it whatever we choose and there may be consequences of those Choices. Life is one big opportunity, how we see this opportunity will determine what we choose to do with it. Each and every one of us has this Choice, a Choice to decide how we live our life. Ultimately, it is our attitudes, intents and beliefs that create the world in which we live, our state of mind creates our world and we have the power to influence and determine our state of mind.
Reclaim your power, own your Choices.

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